804 Wall Street


Description:††††††††††††††††† This is a one and a half story wood frame structure with vinyl siding, brick part way up the front, and a rock face concrete foundation.The roofline is front gabled, with a lower front gable that extends slightly outward.There are gable dormers on both east and west sides of the main roof.A full width front porch appears to be modern, including base, metal supports, and roof.


Significant Period:

††† Construction Date:†††† 1880ís

††† Architect/Builder:†††††† Unknown

††† Context:††††††††††††††††††† The first known resident is Edwin S. Petit, Chief of Police, who lived here from 1888 to 1890.S. H. Whitney, dispatcher for the F & PM Railway, lived there in 1899.Frank Goldie, engineer for PM Railway, lived there in 1901 and 1902.James Muir, an attorney, lived there with his wife Laura from 1904 to 1907.Cyril Howitt, assistant manager at Aikman Bakery, lived there with his wife Ella from 1909 to 1916.Joseph Smith, a machinist, lived there with his wife Matilda in 1919.The history of this house is most associated with the Slyfield family.Mrs. Welthy Slyfield, widow of Luther, lived there from 1920 until the mid-1920ís.Her son George Slyfield, a marine captain of the Great Lakes, lived there from 1923 until 1959.Edwin Peeling, employed by Troy Laundry also lived there with his wife Jeanne by 1940.