739 Wall Street



    Style:                        Colonial Revival Style   

    Description:              This is a two-story wood frame house with wood clapboard siding on the first story, wood shingle siding on the second story, and a contoured concrete block foundation.  The roofline is a side gabled gambrel.  The roof front exhibits a small gable dormer on the left, and a large gable dormer on the right with flared sides and three adjacent windows.  The partial width front porch has a flat roof with brackets and modern wrought iron supports.  Decorative elements include small brackets between the first and second stories, a one story semi-hexagonal bay left of the porch which contains a leaded glass transom, and a one story semi-hexagonal bay at the west side entry.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1907

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    The first residents were the Frank and Christina Van Valkenburg family.  Frank was a line operator and foreman for the Riverside Printing Company.  The Van Valkenburgs lived there from 1907 through 1915.  Anna Schoor, widow of Jacob, lived in the home from about 1918 to 1939.  Her son Peter H Schoor, a clerk, lived with her in the 1920s.  Bessie Donnelly, employed by Spencer Corsetiere, lived there as of 1940.