620 Union Street



††† Style:††††††††††††††††††††††† Princess Anne Style

††† Description:††††††††††††† This is a one and a half story wood frame structure with wood clapboard siding and a cut stone foundation.†† The roofline is side gabled, with the east half extending slightly forward and higher than the west.A tower with a steep pyramidal roof lies in front of the east wing.To the left a wall dormer also has a steep pyramidal roof.The roof of the west wing extends over a front porch with turned wood posts and railing.A leaded glass transom graces a large first story window.


Significant Period:

††† Construction Date:†††† circa 1880ís

††† Architect/Builder:†††††† Unknown

††† Context:††††††††††††††††††† Many people lived there over time.John Hoffman, employed by S. L. Boyce & Son, lived there in 1888.Hugh Fennell, employed at P H & N W Railway freight shed, boarded with him.Maggie Huston was the domestic.John R. Goodier, proprietor of the International Business College School of Shorthand, lived in the home from the early 1890ís to 1900.In 1904, Maurice L. Goodman lived there.He was a clerk for his father, S Goodman, a merchant tailor from Bavaria.Julia Graham, widow of Hugh, lived there from 1906 to 1909.Stephen H. Wilson, manager of Lauth Engine and Auto Works, lived there with his wife Nellie P. from 1910 to 1912.Eugene J. Farkis, mechanical engineer for Cass M T Co., lived there with his wife Helen L. in 1913.Walter F. and Myrtle I. Parker lived there in 1915, along with Richard and Evelyn Tomlin.Cornelius McCarthy, commercial traveler, and his wife Edna E. lived there in 1916.James A. Duffy, chef at the Harrington Hotel, and his wife Edna B. lived there in 1918.William G. and Mary E. Hart lived there from 1919 to at least 1940.William was yardmaster for Grand Trunk Railway.In the early 1920s, Sarah J. Reid and Theresa McLeod, both widows, lived with the Harts.