921 Court Street



Style: Folk House

Description: This is a two-story wood frame structure with aluminum siding, and an old foundation that has been coated in concrete. It was built in an L shape, the front gable being dominant with a side gable on the west. A small porch with a modern metal awning is located between the wings on the southwest corner. Most windows are double hung, though the large first story front window exhibits a transom with clear glass.


Significant Period:

Construction Date: between 1903 and 1911

Architect/Builder: Unknown

Context: The floor plant for 921 Court changed radically between the 1903 and 1911 Sanborn Insurance Maps, indicating a new home was built during that time period. The Arthur and Mary Armson family lived in the previous and current dwellings on that lot from 1893-94 to the mid 1920s. Arthur was a marine engineer and died shortly after 1921. His widow Mary continued on for a few years.