920 Court Street



    Style:                        Folk House      

    Description:              This is a two-story wood frame structure with cement shingle siding and a rock face concrete block foundation.  Gables are found on the front and both sides.  To the rear there is a one-story wing.  A large two story modern deck has been built on the northeast side of the house over the main entrance.  The structure is noncontributing.



Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     circa 1870

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    No building was there in 1867 according to the “Bird’s Eye View Map” of Port Huron.  Thomas Ellison, a plasterer born in Maine, resided there by 1870 with Kittie Ellis and Betsy Wyman.  He is known to have paid taxes on the property in 1873.  Alfred L. Peabody paid property taxes from 1878 to at least 1887, and lived there according to 1881 City Directory.  George W. Derby lived there in 1888.  He was listed as a laborer that year, and as an advertising agent for B. T. Babbit in 1890.  The Minnie family then lived there for almost twenty years.  Joseph P. Minnie was a telegraph operator in 1893-94 and a chief dispatcher for F and P M Railway.  Amanda Minnie, widow of Joseph ran the household from 1901 to 1912.  Frank S. Henson lived there is 1913, and Douglass and Abbie Hawks in 1915-16.  He was manager for the Hankow Tea Company.  George and Clara Purvis lived there in 1918-19.  He was U. S. inspector of boilers.  William and Eliza Benaway lived there in 1920-21.  He was a U. S. marine clerk.  Charles and Emma Canfield lived there from 1923-24 to the 1930s.  He was U. S. veterinary inspector.