910 Court Street



    Style:                        Folk House Style         

    Description:              This is an asymmetrical, two story wood frame house with a block foundation and wood clapboard siding.  The roof is cross gabled, the front being dominant, a lower side gable covering the east wing.  Decorative elements include a full front porch with a front gable roof, boxed columns, and wood railing.  At the base of the front gable is a decorative pattern in the wood siding.  A small side porch on the west side is covered by a shed roof.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1887

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    The two lots that 910 and 916 Court now occupy were owned by N. P. White up to 1883.  By 1885 Albert McCall was paying the property taxes, and by 1887 the property tax valuation tripled while surrounding properties remained the same.  Water Department service was turned on in 1888.  The Albert McCall family lived there from 1887 to 1904.  Albert, an attorney with offices at 211 Huron then 5 Stevens Block, began practicing law in St. Clair County in 1876.  Hannah McCall, widow of Alexander and probably mother of Albert, also lived there.  Mary Shaw, widow of John E. Shaw, lived there from 1906 until the mid 1920s.  Dr. William Morris, whose office was at 316-17 Sperry Building, lived there in 1930.  His widow Mary lived there until the mid 1930s.  Harold Cochran, a bookkeeper for H. Campbell & Son, and his wife Marguerite boarded.  Arthur T. Trese lived there beginning in 1938-39.