904 Court Street



    Style:                        Colonial Revival Style   

    Description:              This is a symmetrical, two story wood frame building with a block foundation and aluminum siding.  The roofline is side gabled with two wall dormers facing the street.  The front entrance is centered with a small gable over the doorway.  A one story semi-hexagonal bay lies on the east.  The windows are double hung, with six lights in each half. 


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1939

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    A house addressed as 902 stood on this property from 1881 to the 1930s.  Sanborn Insurance Maps show an outline much different than that of the current house.  The William Gilbey family lived there most of that time.  The house was vacant from 1930 to the mid 1930s, and no address of any kind is recorded in the 1938 City Directory.  The first resident of the current house, Herbert L Harris, is known to have lived there in 1940.