838 Court Street



    Style:                        Gothic Revival Style

    Description:              This is a two-story wood frame structure with wood clapboard siding and a brick foundation.  The roofline is cross gabled, with gables in all four directions detailed with vergeboard.  On the front northeast corner is a wraparound porch with Doric columns.  Above is a square tower with a steep square roof with a flat top.  One-story squared bays with shed roofs are located on both north and west sides.  Most windows exhibit triangular molding.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1884

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    Joseph and Eliza Ellery, with their children Amelia and George, lived on this site in the early 1870’s.  Joseph was born in Canada, Eliza in Scotland.  He was captain of the schooner “Gibbs”.  The value of the property dropped in half between 1873 and 1878 while the neighboring properties did not, suggesting the house was either damaged or destroyed.  The value remained low in 1878, when A. P. White paid property taxes.  The 1883 City Directory states the Dennison Smith house was at the southeast corner of 9th and Court, though it was the lot next door.  This lot was empty.  In 1883 James B. McGregor began paying the taxes.  Between 1883 and 1885 the property value multiplied six fold whereas the neighboring properties did not increase at all, strongly suggesting that a new house was built.  James B. McGregor, dental surgeon, lived there 1885 to 1891.  He was the son of John McGregor, an early settler and manufacturer in Detroit.  James was born April 30, 1855 in Detroit, attended school there, then State University at Ann Arbor.  In 1877, he was among their first graduates in dental surgery.  He came to Port Huron.  William Clark, a vessel clerk, was also there in 1888-1890.  Frederick T. and Catherine M. Moore lived there from about 1893 until almost 1940.  He began as a teller for the St Clair County Savings Bank.  By 1899 he was assistant cashier at the St. Clair County Savings Bank at Moore Block 933-939 Military, and was also Alderman of the sixth ward.  He was city mayor in 1905-06.  By 1907 he was cashier at the St. Clair County Savings Bank, treasurer for the Consolidated Ice Company, treasurer for the Michigan Developing Company, proprietor of the Port Huron Construction Company, and treasurer of the Port Huron Hospital and Home.  In 1910 he was also President of the Young Men’s Business Association.  In 1918 he was manager of the Port Huron Heating and Plumbing Company.  In 1923 he was President of Moore Mill and Lumber Company, Bandon Oregon; as well as manager of the Port Huron Heating and Plumbing Company.  From 1930 onward he was President of Wright, Hoyt, and Company.  Frederick and Catherine’s children included Florence, Frederick Jr., Laura, Marjory, and James.