822 Court Street



    Style:                        Queen Anne/Colonial Revival Style       

    Description:              This is a two-story wood frame structure with wood clapboard siding on the first story, wood shingles on the second story, and a cut stone foundation.  The roofline is hipped with cross gables.  The side gable is higher, the front gable lower with a Palladian window.  There are two large detailed chimneys.  The full width front porch has square wood columns, wood railing, and dentil in the eaves. On the front there is a first story semi-hexagonal bay, a second story squared bay, and brackets under the eaves.  On the northeast corner is a one-story cutaway bay with decorative brackets.  On the east side is a one story curved bay and on the west a one story semi-hexagonal bay.  There are multiple art glass windows and first story windows have transoms.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     circa 1894

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    Mrs. Daniel J. Guerin, next door at 816 Court, sold Lavina Gray this lot in November 1890.  City records show water service was turned on in January 1894, and Augustus C. and Lavina E. (Brewer) Gray were the first residents.  Their sons were Ralph and Guy.  Augustus was born in Chenango County, New York on April 7, 1831.  At age twenty-two he moved to St. Clair County, farmed and taught school.  In 1895 he moved to Port Huron from Marysville.  He was associated with N. & B. Lumber Mills, treasurer of Mills Transportation Company, and director of the Port Huron Savings Bank.  For many years he served as School Inspector, School Treasurer, and Superintendent of Schools.  He died September 30, 1908.  Charles and Francis Withe, Grand Trunk Railway postal clerk, lived there from 1910 to 1913.  In 1915 George H. and Jeanne P. Maxon lived in the home.  He was manager of Bush and Lane Piano Company.  The Soutar family lived there a long time, from 1918 to at least 1940.  William R. was manager for the Jenkinson Estate.  He died by 1920 and his widow Ann B. was head of the household.  Three adult children lived with her for the next twenty years.  Agnes A. Soutar was a teacher at Van Buren School for over forty years.  James was a salesman.  Robert was a lawyer, first at 516 Water Street, then at Suite 34 in the White Building.  He was Prosecuting Attorney, with offices at 12-14-16 While Block.