722-724 Court Street



    Style:                        Italianate

    Description:              This is a symmetrical, two story wood frame duplex with a brick foundation, clapboard siding first and second floor, and a low pitch pyramidal roof.  The centered double entry extends outward from the main structure, above which is a gable with dentil.  Railing stands on the porch roof in front of this extension.  Decorative elements include double brackets in the eaves and hooded molding around the windows.  The full front porch has boxed Doric columns, wood railing, and small double brackets and dentil in the eaves.  This structure was shown briefly on Bob Villa’s “Restore American” television program.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     circa 1905

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    The 1903 Sanborn Fire Map shows an empty lot, which for many years had been owned by 728 Court to the west.  722 was occupied by Henry B. and Florence Hoyt in 1906.  He was Vice President of Wright, Hoyt, and Company, and also treasurer of the Port Huron Engine and Thresher Company.  Norman I. Miller, an attorney, and his wife Mazie V. lived there in 1910.  William A. Ritenburg, a superintendant for Acheson Dildagg Company, and his wife Rose F. lived there in 1912.  Isaac Weinberg, clerk for A. M. Clothing Company, and his wife Anna lived there from 1913-24.  Samuel D. Goldsmith of Goldsmith & Levy lived there 1920-21.  The William J. and Minnie Matthews family lived there in the early 1930’s.  Ralph L. French, a teacher at Washington Jr. High, and his wife Joan A. lived there from 1933 to at least 1940.


724 was first occupied by Maynard D. and Laura E. Smith from 1906 to 1909.  He was an employee of Andrew J. Smith & Sons.  Floyd R. and Edith F. Wertman lived there in 1910.  He was manager for S. S. Kresge.  Harry V. Eggleston, a train dispatcher for P. M. Railway, and his wife Emma lived there in 1912.  Samuel A. Stranahan, a state engineer, and his wife Augusta F., lived there from 1913 to 1916.  Louis Goldman, a member of Goldman Brothers, and wife Eva, with daughters Lillian and Isadora lived there 1918-1924.  A series of residents followed including Edwin and Carrie Petit, David and Annie Fleisher, Walter Happs, and Lewis Spaulding.