725 Chestnut Street



    Style:                        Side Gable

    Description:              This is a one-story wood frame structure with aluminum siding and concrete block foundation.  The building is box shaped and the roof is side gabled.  The front consists of an entry on the left and a large garage door on the right.  Unlike other buildings in the neighborhood, this building sits toward the back of the lot.  The structure is non-contributing.



Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1973

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    A previous building on this site housed Abernethy and Luz Plumbing and Heating for many years.  Nelson Abernethy last used it for his plumbing business in 1953.  It was listed as vacant from the mid-1950s to 1969.  The address is not found from 1970 through 1972.  The original building was narrow but deep, according to the 1940 Sanborn Insurance Map.  In 1973, the current wide building appeared and was occupied by Roy McGregor as a residence.  It is currently a rental residence.