1215 9th Street



    Style:                        Folk House

    Description:              This one and a half story wood frame house was built in the Folk House – Front Gable style.  It has a two story front porch with metal railing on the first story and wood railing on the second story.  To the north side is a small one-story side entry.  The siding is aluminum and the foundation cement block.  The structure is bounded on the east by the street and on the south by an alley.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     circa 1883

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    Based on property tax records this house was built in 1883. The first residents were the William A. Aikman family from 1883 to 1894.  William was part owner in Aikman Brothers bakery.  Next followed a succession of many residents.  Byron A. Baker, employed by American Express, lived there in 1899-00.  H. C. Cartwright lived there in 1901.  William c. Ross, who worked at Aidman Bakery, lived there in 1902.  Frank S. Hand, a fireman, lived there in 1904.  Joseph P. Cadott, a marine engineer, lived there with his wife Katherine from about 1907 to 1909.  Owen Ryan, polished at E M F Company, lived there with his wife in 1910.  George LaForest, teamster for Michigan Cartage, lived there with his wife Catherine from 1912 to 1915.  Bennett Casello, shoemaker, lived there with his wife Elizabeth in 1916.  Thomas O. Chambers, teamster, and his wife Isabell lived there from 1918 to 1919.  Earl L Miller, collector for Farr’s, lived there with his wife Mabel I in 1921.  Arthur E. Lobdell, employed by P M Railway, lived there with his wife Alvina B in 1922.  George Alcorn, a mason, and his wife Hattie lived there in 1923-24.  Samuel G. Emeigh, employed by Grand Trunk Railway, lived there with his wife Mary L. in 1926.  Geoge H. Byers, manager for City Transfer Company, and his wife Mary C. lived there from 1928 to 1930.  John W. Hux, a painter, and his wife Catherine A. lived there from 1931 to 1936-37.  Martin J. and Muriel E. Hux lived with them, then Forrest S. and Edna L. Hux.