1311 8th Street



    Style:                        Colonial Revival

    Description:              This is a one and a half story wood frame structure with wood clapboard siding on the first story, wood shingles on the second story, and a cut stone foundation.  The roofline is primarily a front gabled pent, with the peak extending slightly outward over dentil.  A small front porch on the north also has a front gabled pent roofline.  Cut scrollwork decorates both front gables, a band under the porch gable, and the sides of the second story window.  On the south side of the house is a side gable.  On the north side of the house is a two story semi-hexagonal bay with hipped roof.  Simple brackets line the eaves of the roof.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1902

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    This address is first listed in the 1902 City Directory, and the structure appears on the 1903 Sanborn Insurance Map.  The first residents were Dr. Arthur A. Deyoe, manager of the Boston Dental Parlors on 234 Huron Avenue, and his wife Grace.  Sidney McGeorge, proprietor of the Family Liquor Store at 629 Water Street, lived there with his wife Sylvia in 1910.  The history of this house is most associated with the Petit family.  Noble and Maude Petit lived there from 1913 to about 1940.  Noble was an electrical engineer for the St. Clair Tunnel Company.