1307 8th Street



††† Style:††††††††††††††††††††††† Ranch

††† Description:††††††††††††† This was once a two-story structure, but was reduced to one story after a fire in the 1990ís.It is a wood frame structure with vertical wood siding, and a cut stone foundation.The roofline is front gabled, with a low pitch.The front entry on the right is enclosed, with a roofline similar to that of the overall building.On the left is a handicap ramp, which extends to the sidewalk.


Significant Period:

††† Construction Date:†††† 1902

††† Architect/Builder:†††††† Unknown

††† Context:††††††††††††††††††† This address is first listed in the 1902 City Directory.Archibald and Alice Gray moved there from 1301 Howard that year, and lived in the home until 1907.He was a bookkeeper for J. W. Goulding and Company, then the Port Huron Salt Company.Arthur Elliott, commercial traveler for F. Saunders and Company, lived there with his wife Laura in 1909.The history of this house is most associated with the Lucas family, who lived there from 1910 to at least 1940.Mrs. Sarah Lucas, widow of William Johnston Lucas, lived there until at least 1930.Elizabeth and Julia Lucas lived there at first, with Elizabeth continuing to reside there in 1940.All three were stenographers for Womenís Benefit Association.