1215 8th Street



††† Style:††††††††††††††††††††††† Queen Anne

††† Description:††††††††††††† An asymmetrical, two-story wood frame structure having a hipped roof with lower cross gables in all four directions.On the southeast is the main entrance and small porch over which is a polygon tower.The front gable sits over a second story semi-hexagonal bay and has a recessed window in the peak.The gable on the south sits over a two story semi-hexagonal bay.The gable on the north covers a small two-story side porch, the second story having intricate decorative wood.The first and second stories are sided in wood clapboard, and are separated by a wide band of wood shingles.The roof gables are sided with wood shingles.The foundation is cut stone.This house contributes to the historic neighborhood.


Significant Period:

††† Construction Date:†††† circa 1887-1893

††† Architect/Builder:†††††† Unknown

††† Context:††††††††††††††††††† This home was built between 1887 and 1893.In 1887, the only structure on the site was 804 Court Street on the north side of the lot.By 1893, the lot was divided and this home stood on the south side.The first documented residents of 1215 8th Street were Carlos D. and wife, Mary Horton.Carlos was a jeweler and optician employed first by R. S. & J. D. Patterson, then H. E. Runnels & Son.Mrs. Rebecca Horton, widow of Nelson, also resided in 1899.The Hortons lived in the home until about 1912.Robert Coleman, head clerk for the Harrington Hotel, and wife Marie lived there in 1915.Nathaniel Moore, proprietor of Moore Coal Company, and wife Jessie lived there 1918 through the 1940ís.