1024 8th Street



    Style:                        Folk House Gable Front

    Description:              This is a symmetrical, two-story wood frame building with wood clapboard siding and a contoured block foundation.  The roof is front gabled, with the pitch on the south side much more shallow than on the north.  There is a one-story rear gabled addition on the back.  An inset porch is located on the southwest side.  The south side sits on piers, suggesting a porch may have been enclosed years ago. 


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     circa 1900

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    Several families resided here.  The first recorded is Filliams J. Matthews family in 1901.  He was a carpenter for the Port Huron Electric & Telegraph Co.  From 1902 to 1912, Henry Dell whose wife was Emma, labored for the Jenks Co., Grand Trunk Freight Sheds, and the Wilson Saw Company while living here.   Herman T. George Naumann and wife Helen lived here the longest, from 1915 to 1934.  He was the City Chemist for more than 15 years and she taught French and German for Port Huron High School.  Mr. Naumann was born in Sprottau, Germany on October 5, 1865.  His father was the Rev. Herman David Naumann, pastor of the Evangelical Church of Sprottau.  On July 18, 1892, he married Helen M. Farrand in Berlin where she was a student.  They lived in Indianapolis for five years then came to Port Huron in 1900.  He was appointed city gas analyst in 1910 and city chemist in 1915.  He died January 30, 1931.  Helen continued living here until at least 1934.