1020 8th Street



††† Style:††††††††††††††††††††††† Queen Anne

††† Description:††††††††††††† This turn of the century house is a two-story wood frame structure with aluminum siding and a cement block foundation.The roofline facing the street is gable-on-hip, with a lower front gable on the right.A one story squared bay with a gable roof is located on the south side.A one story cross-gabled attached garage is on the north side.There is a one-story rear wing, which is rear gabled.A partial porch is located off center left, with square posts and no railing.



Significant Period:

††† Construction Date:†††† early 1890ís

††† Architect/Builder:†††††† Unknown

††† Context:††††††††††††††††††† Numerous people lived here.The first documented resident was Bethuel Clinton Farrand Jr., employed with the shoe store at 803 Military, in 1893.His father was the well-known attorney.O. L. Ray Jones, manager at the Western Union Telegraph Company, lived there from 1899 to 1902.Charles Patterson, manager at the Standard Publishing Company, lived there in 1904.Parleigh Holmes, clerk at the Knights of the Maccabees, and his wife Mae lived there in 1906.Professor H. T. George Naumann, chemist and city gas analyst, and his wife Helen lived there from 1907 to 1913; then moved next door to 1024 8th Street.William Sackett, U.S. immigrant inspector, and his wife Amelia lived there in 1915.Estella Minor, widow of Larenzo, lived there in 1918.Arthur E. Smith, assistant undertaker at Falks, and his wife Flora lived there in 1919.Benjamin Berry, of L. Higer and Son, and wife Catherine lived there in 1920.John and Margaret Mack lived there in 1921.Melvin Brown, bookkeeper with Montague, and his wife Violet lived there in 1924-25.Rose Brewer, employed at the Harrington Hotel, lived there in 1936-37.The house was subdivided into two apartments by 1938.