1012 8th Street



Style: Folk House

Description: A two-story wood frame structure with vinyl siding and the original foundation coated with cement. The roofline is primarily front-gabled, with a north cross gable flush with the wall, and a south cross gable extending over a small side porch. A one-story addition in the back has a shed roof. Decorative elements include a full front porch with Doric columns and dentil in the eaves.


Significant Period:

Construction Date: by 1881

Architect/Builder: Unknown

Context: Numerous residents over the years. The first known was Hannah Marks, a widow and a washerwoman, from 1881to at least 1888. Thomas F. Rigby, representative for the Detroit Journal with an office in the Commercial Bank Building lived here 1893-94. James McWhorter, a Metropolitan Life Insurance agent, lived here in 1902. John Sinclair, foreman for Jenks S B boiler shop, lived here in 1904. Lemen Hudson, a commercial traveler, and his wife Hattie lived here from 1906 to 1907. John Wilson, conductor for Grand Trunk Railway, and his wife Hannah lived here from 1909 to 1910. Friend Deck, also a conductor for the Grand Trunk Railway, and his wife, Inez lived here in 1912. Sarah Willson, widow of Solomon, lived here from 1915 to 1918. Simpson Shaffbower, machinist for Morton Salt, and his wife Alsberta lived here in 1919. Lemuel Kendrick, laborer, and his wife lived here in 1920. Minnie Lorts lived here in 1921. Marguerite DeLong, widow of John, lived here from 1922 to 1924. Ella Avery, widow of Ambrose, lived here in 1926. Aaron Farnsworth, an employee at Mueller Brass, and his wife Mary here from 1930 to at least 1940. The house was subdivided by 1938, to include a 1012 address.