1208 7th Street



    Style:                        Folk House

    Description:              A two-story wood frame house with cement shingle siding and a brick foundation.  There is a small one story side-gabled wing on the south, and a small rear addition with a small side porch on the north.  The full width front porch has square wood columns, and a double door entry off center to the right.  The 1898 Sanborn Insurance Map shows a large building attached to the rear, which no longer exists.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1850’s

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    A home was shown here on the Geil and Siverd Map of 1959.  Eli Andrews paid taxes on this property valued at $300 in 1859.  The 1867 Ruger Birds Eye showed this house with a wing.  Eli was a driver for the Brockway Stage in the early years.  By 1870 he was the proprietor with personal estate value of $1000.  He was later known as a dairyman and milkman.  Eli, his wife Grace, and daughter Jessie lived in the home for many years, until at least 1894.  By 1899, Robert and Jesse Goodrich lived in the home.  Robert was a sign writer who also specialized in decorative paintings, enamel letters, and showcards.  His business was located first at 802 Military in the St. Clair County Savings Bank Building, then at 931 Military.  Robert also served as Alderman of the 2nd ward.  The Goodrich’s lived in the home many years until the early 1930’s.