1021 7th Street



    Style:                        Colonial Revival

    Description:              A two-story wood frame structure with cement shingle siding and a concrete block foundation.  It has a front gabled gambrel roof, with a centered small square window flanked by a pair of taller double hung windows.  There is one wall dormer on each side, with a small diamond shaped window in the south dormer.  The full width front porch has a flat roof with small brackets in the eaves, and Ionic columns on concrete piers, and concrete railing.  There is a shallow semi-hexigonal bay window on the right side of the porch.  There is also a small porch on the south side.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1910-1912

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    The first residents were Dennis Brennan, manager of the Brennan Furniture Company, and his wife Helen from 1912 to 1920.  Addison Donaldson, foreman for U B & A Company, and his wife Hazel lived there in 1921.  David Houston, President-Treasurer of Huron Fuel & Supply Company, and his wife Helen lived there in 1923-24.  George Smith, maintenance supervisor for the County Road Commission, and his wife Minnie lived there from about 1930 to at least 1940.