1303 6th Street (and 602 Union)



    Style:                        Folk House-Gable Front Style

    Description:              This is a two-story wood frame structure with cement siding and a brick foundation.  One-story additions are located both west and south sides.  The large wrap around porch has a shed roof, with wood columns and railing. 



Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     by 1877

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    Geil and Siverd Map of 1859 did not have a home on this lot, but did on the lot to the south with L.S. Noble listed.  LinneausS. Noble paid taxes on this property valued at $750 in 1877, indicating a house.  He was listed in the city directories residing on the southwest corner of 6th and Union from 1871 through at least 1883.  He came from Onondaga County, New York to Michigan in 1837; first to Ann Arbor, then Battle Creek, to Ohio, New York, and finally to Port Huron June 27, 1847.  He had a whip business in Detroit in 1850, then a grocery in Port Huron until 1856.  His insurance business, Noble & Welton, fire, life, and marine insurance agents, began in 1854; it continued with “long and favorable service.”  He married Mary A. Fowler of Westfield, Massachusetts, May 24, 1844.  Their children were M. Augusta, Louise M. and Alonzo Frank.  Jonathon Morrison, owner of Morrison & Co. lived here in 1888.  Captain Lander S. DeLand, marine captain, lived here 1899 to 1904.  His children were Waldo, Leander, and Gladys.  In 1899, this house was also listed as a Kindergarten School.  From 1907 to 1933, the Chadwick family lived here: attorney Anson E. Chadwick and wife Almira J., their son William R. Chadwick, Deputy Collector in charge of U.S. Customs, and his wife Adelaide M., and Irene L. Chadwick, a teacher at Adams School.  Anson E. was born April 10, 1834, Jefferson County, New York.  In 1854 he came to Michigan and continued his study of law with John Devine of Lexingtion.  He was admitted to the bar in 1855, and practiced law there.  He married Almira J. Raymond of Jefferson County, New York, in 1857.  He came to Port Huron in 1862, continuing his practice here.  He was elected Alderman and School Inspector, but resigned from both.  Anson E. personally supervised the pavement of Military Street, making the almost impassable “River Side Turnpike” a fine road.  Various residents lived thereafter, subdivided with an additional address of 602 Union Street.