1220 6th Street



    Style:                        Craftsman

    Description:              A one-story wood frame structure with wood shingle siding and beveled concrete block foundation.  The roof is front gabled, with large gable dormers on both sides.  Decorative braces lie in the eaves of both the main and porch roof.  Squared bays are located on both north and south sides.  The full width porch is front-gabled.  Recent renovations have altered the original architecture.  The railing and large tapered-wood columns on brick bases were replaced with non-historic materials in 2000.  Double-hung windows (the upper halves made up of multiple vertical lights) have been replaced.


Significant Period:

    Construction Date:     1918-1920

    Architect/Builder:       Unknown

    Context:                    First found in the 1920 City Directory, residents were Sheriff Harrison W. Maines and wife Dorothy M. Maines, until 1933.  He became a State Conservation Officer.  Lillian Forbes, widow of James, teacher at Van Buren School, lived here at least until 1940.  In 1948, the home was bought by First Church of Christ Scientist for a Sunday School.