Shingle  (1880 1900)



            This architectural style was a highly variable style.  Asymmetrical shapes, shingled surfaces, and wide porches were elements in common with the Queen Anne style.  The intent was to emphasize the complex shape of the building, without decorative elements to distract the observer.  The primary identifying feature was undecorated wood shingle wall cladding, meeting in corners without corner boards. Other identifying features included shingle wave patterns, shingles curving into recessed attic windows, and ribbon windows (strips of three or more windows).  There was no detailing around doors and windows.  Locally, most shingle style homes exhibited wood shingles only on the upper stories, with wood clapboard below.

            There are a number of Shingle style homes in the Port Huron area.  One example in the Olde Town Historic District is 825 Court Street.